“Alcohol and the Teen Brain.” CBS Evening News. CBS. New York. 5 July, 2006. 13 January 2009. <>
               This was a video on the effects of alcohol on teen brains. It talked about how it affects them more than 
               alcohol affects adults, because their brains are maturing. There is also an interview with a guy who used to 
               drink a lot and he realized how it affected his life in a bad way, and wants to tell other kids that it isn’t cool.
“Alcohol’s damaging effects on the brain.” Alcohol Alert. October 2003. Number 63. 13 January 2009. <>
               This was a pamphlet that I found online that talked about the bad effects that alcohol could have on your 
               brain. It talks about all the serious problems that can happen, like liver problems. It was a very informative 
               article, and had lots of facts throughout the article.
“Alcoholic beverage.” Britannica. 15th edition. 1998.
               This was a small article in the encyclopedia that talked about some of the less serious problems that come 
               along with drinking. Most of the article is about alcohol itself which is irrelevant to my topic, but the ending 
               had some good facts that I could use.
“Alcoholism.” Britannica. 15th edition. 1998.
               This article in the encyclopedia talked about the more serious problems that come along with heavy drinking. 
                It was talking about what happens after you become an alcoholic, or addicted to alcohol. The effects that 
                they said were everywhere from hangovers, to more serious life changing effects, like reduction of your life 
Enoch Gordis. “Alcoholism.” World Book. 2008 ed.
               I used a little part of this article that was about the effects of drinking. It had information that the other 
               sources gave me, but it was a good article, because it backed up the facts that I had found in my research.  
Roger E. Meyer. “Alcoholism.” Encyclopedia Americana. 2001 ed.
            This article is full of facts and statistics about drinking and its affect on the body, and your life. It was a very 
            good article to read because it talks about both good and bad effects of drinking, and states a ton of side-
            effects that you can get from drinking too much.
“Teen Brain and Booze.” CBS Evening News. CBS. New York. 5 July, 2006. 13 January 2009. <>
              This is a video that talks about alcohol and its effects on teenagers in specific. It gives you an overview of 
              people who research this stuff, and has a short interview with the guy. It also shows what alcohol does to the 
              brain, and talks about how it shuts off your brain so you can’t learn anymore. It has some good facts in it.
Zelman, Kathleen. “The Alcohol Debate: Should you or shouldn’t you?” Medicine net. 9 December 2005. 13 January 2009. <>
            This article is about the debate of whether you should or shouldn’t drink. It talks about the good effects of 
            alcohol and why you should drink in moderation for your health. Also it talks about the bad effects if you drink 
            too much, too often, and for too long. It is a good article full of facts.